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eXago wants to ensure that healthy companies can continue to operate as financially healthy businesses.
The way to achieve this is by persuading clients to make their payments on time. This allows companies to invest in better, more innovative services or products that help their clients move forward in the 21st century.


We want to bring about a change in payment behaviour so that our clients don’t need to make any extra effort, and in such a way that the cost is lower than that of an in-house employee. Payments are made quicker than when using your own employees. So from the moment the order is placed, you know whether the result will be a ‘happy payment’.


A happy payment is our service! eXago collects payment of your invoices via its own specialised accounts receivable platform (eForos) or by using your application. Staff who are specially trained to deal with your clients in a customer-focused way ensure that the money ends up in your account. Without any diversions, without using a third account. How soon do you want your customers to pay? Ask eXago!


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Our success factors

The increasing number of bankruptcies in recent years is causing serious problems, not only for small businesses, but also for large ones. No less than 25% of these failures is due to defaulters. It’s a fact that a well-developed credit collection system significantly reduces the likelihood of this kind of drama.

Because continuity in debt monitoring is very important, companies increasingly decide to put this in the hands of professionals. From experience, these people know better than others how to recognise the signs that point to a potential problem.

But there’s more: Money in your client’s account will not benefit you. It actually costs you money in the form of credit (overdraft, straight loan, investment loan, etc.) and in the form of loss of interest.
A well-organised credit collection system should minimise this situation.

Well implemented credit management yields money.

Timely, systematic & consistent: the key words of a company that dedicates itself to this issue each and every day. We propose efficient, practicable solutions. Not a short-term vision, but a credit management system from which your company immediately reaps the rewards.

Don’t forget that, by actively monitoring your debtors, you will gain an interest advantage, and you may also avoid bankruptcy.

By using an external company, you are making it clear to your clients that you take credit management seriously. eXago combines the benefits of being an external company and its experience. Our experience enables us to quickly differentiate between an excuse and a genuine reason. What’s more, we’re able to keep calling customers until we actually reach them.

eXago works to any schedule, we adapt to suit your requirements: when payment terms increase, we increase our frequency. And vice versa. Once eXago is on board, you get answers.

Together with Xtendit Solutions, and under the leadership of Mr Dirk Hauwaerts, eXago have developed an innovative solution to outsource credit management without loss of control.

Through this innovative software, eXago is the only player in the market able to offer you the opportunity to monitor the actions of your defaulters 24 hours a day, and to intervene where necessary.

eXago has enhanced this program with the option to directly enter any action to be taken by lawyers. Now you will always be able to make a value judgement of your portfolio of debtors.

With eXago online credit collection, you have an internal employee who works externally, in a professional manner without your labour cost rocketing.

Your existing client base is your company’s greatest asset. Therefore, it goes without saying that this needs to be handled with care.

We begin the process of sending reminders with this consideration in mind; and, while persuading your client to pay the outstanding amount as soon as possible, we are always keenly aware that you don’t want to lose your client.

Here, too, an external company such as eXago offers a major advantage. eXago can send targeted reminders because we act as a neutral partner. The reminder has a greater impact, as we are seen as a specialised outside party. The client realises that it won’t just be ‘forgotten’. Yet our approach is never ‘aggressive or arrogant’. Our approach to your client will at all times be correct, neutral and direct. With great success as a result.

Credit management is about money, with an impact on your company’s returns. Late payments actively affect the company’s liquidity. Despite the major consequences, many financial managers still regard this as a task for an administrative employee.

At eXago we know from experience that this is rarely the most efficient solution. Dealing every day with debtors from the most diverse sectors requires experience and professionalism.
Result: your money will be paid much faster.

Economists agree: In ten years’ time, Western European companies will focus on their core business, all non-core activities will be outsourced… Do you want to miss out on the future!

eXago does not ask for percentages of turnover or impose subscription systems, but maintains transparent pricing. Before we start, we prepare a clear quotation for the estimated monthly cost. This cost is a fixed amount per call, per registered letter, per … and based on the number of debtors to be managed. The more debtors we manage, the lower the unit price… that makes sense!

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Are you interested and do you want to work faster and more efficiently? Do you want a customer-friendly method of credit management?

Are you a financial director, and would you like to reduce DSO or improve liquidity and cash flow?

Are you interested and do you want to work faster and more efficiently? Do you want a customer-friendly method of credit management?

Are you a financial director, and would you like to reduce DSO or improve liquidity and cash flow?

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