Work faster and more efficiently with eXago. Customer-friendly follow-up of your debtors.

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We monitor your accounts receivable. Clients will pay promptly, and you will retain them. No more administrative hassle, you can stay focused on your core business!


Our reports show the state of affairs in graphs, automatic counts and risk management.


Because continuity in debt monitoring is very important, companies increasingly decide to put this in the hands of professionals.

eXago works to any schedule, we adapt to suit your requirements. The longer the payment schedule falls behind, the more we increase our follow-up frequency. And vice versa!

eXago can send targeted reminders because we act as a neutral partner. The reminder has a greater impact, as we are seen as an outside party.


We’ll increase your company’s returns. We take care of your credit management, from order to cash.

If you want to take your organisation to a higher level, if you want to optimise your business operations, if you are short of time and/or staff, we are here to help. Faster, more efficient and therefore more profitable, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Operating efficiency

The following is eXago’s “mission statement”:
“We increase your operating efficiency. We achieve this through our area of expertise: Credit management from order to cash.”



By reminding late payers in a timely manner- only a few days after the due date – a company will recoup a lot of money in the form of credit, interest and loss of interest recovered.


Even companies who don’t need full-time staff, or only have intermittent administrative work, will find that we are the ideal solution.


Cash position

From the moment you receive an order, you need to know whether you will receive payment. We can advise you on the repayment terms and credit limit. We deal with reminders in a commercially friendly way. eXago is not a collection agency!


eXago has long been an important business partner for our credit management. They ensure systematic, correct and friendly credit collection of our client base. Their greatest asset is continuity and perseverance.
Guy Roefs

Finance & Administration Manager, SUEZ

After just three months, there was a noticeable decrease in the overdue balance. eXago deliver what they promise. Their flexibility and experience were decisive factors in our decision to work with them. At the start-up of our collaboration, they were on site to familiarise themselves in more depth with our core business.
Raf De Strooper

Finance Manager, FLEXPOINT

Even after 6 years, we have not found a better credit management solution than the eXago method. In fact, we have already recouped the cost of their services. The number of receivables to be written off has fallen by 2/3 since they took over credit collection.
Bart Wijckmans

Gedelegeerd Bestuurder, WIJCKMANS NV

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